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    Ezine Cheese

    Ezine cheese is the first thing that comes to mind in our country when it comes to cheese.  The story of Ezine cheese begins with milk. The milk used in Ezine cheese is sheep’s, goat’s and cow’s  milk fed by natural plants and water sources in the Kaz Mountains (Kaz Dağları) of Çanakkale.

    The Kaz Mountains (Kaz Dağları), which are a natural source of oxygen, bring abundant rainfall to this region and this rainfall provides the formation of hundreds of fragrant plants such as oregano, marjoram, downy mint, sage, thyme, lemon balm, thyme, which are unique to the region. All animals from which milk is obtained are fed naturally. 

    Bayramiç Beyazı

    Bayramiç Beyazı is known as the endemic fruit of Kaz Mountains (Kaz Dağları). It is grown in 7 thousand decare area in Bayramiç district of Çanakkale for 3 periods. After the harvest period, it is exported abroad as well as to big cities such as İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara.

    Çanakkale Olive Cultivation

    There are two types of olives in the agricultural fields in Çanakkale province, Olea europea oleaster (delice) and Olea europea sativa (ehli).

    The first recorded olive cultivation activity in Çanakkale started with Ancient Greeks. (Gargara, Küçükkuyu, Assos in Ayvacık district). Olive cultivation has an important place in Çanakkale's agricultural activities and olive cultivation is carried out on a total of 27,175 hectares of area.


    Sardine, which is said to be a fish called firefish because it is attracted to light like propellers and is attracted by burning brushwood in boats, is also known for being consumed as canned as well as being grilled in vine leaves.

    The sardines processed in Gallipoli, which has an unrivaled place in Türkiye's sardine canning, are mainly sardines caught in the Dardanelles and Saros Gulf.  Smaller than Mediterranean and Atlantic sardines, these sardines have the ideal dimensions and of course the taste for canned foods.

    Gallipoli Peynir Helvası

    It is thought that the history of Gallipoli cheese halva dates back to about 700 years. It was also recorded as "Fresh Cheese Halva" in the Ottoman State Archives.  The first dessert that comes to mind in Gallipoli district, Gallipoli cheese halva is a local flavor made with salt-free white cheese, flour and sugar.

    Sour Grape Juice

    Sour grape juice is produced by crushing unripen grapes. It is consumed like soft drinks, especially in the Aegean and Marmara, due to its cooling effect. It can also be used in place of lemon juice in many regions to add a sour flavor to olive oil dishes.

    Scorpion fish Soup

    This soup, which is prepared by the combination of scorpion fish and various vegetables, is one of the most important tastes of Çanakkale. With its high nutritional value and delicate taste, scorpion fish, is one of the trademark dishes of the Çanakkale area.

    Ovmaç Soup

    A small onion is cut into cubes, oil is added, and then fried. When the onion turns pink, a teaspoon of tomato paste is added. Later, 1.5 liters of water is added into this mixture and is left to boil without mixing.

    On the other side, half a glass of water is added to a glass of flour in another pot and mixed for a few minutes until lumpy pieces are formed. In the meantime, the flour is freed from powder form.

    Melki Mushroom Dish

    It is prepared by roasting or frying Melki mushrooms, also known as pine mushrooms or chintar. It is one of the dishes that are easily prepared with little ingredients. This dish, which contains high amounts of calcium and protein, is one of the primary choices of vegan cuisines.


    Çırpma is one of the dishes with spinach in the leading role.  Çırpma which is prepared with spinach, onion, flour and water is also served as a snack.


    Metez, which is identified with the Çanakkale region, is a type of ravioli. Although it is prepared with cheese or potatoes in some regions, it is made with minced meat in Çanakkale cuisine. It is served with yogurt and tomato paste sauce.


    Tumbi is another local flavor of Çanakkale. Prepared with ingredients such as fine bulgur, eggplant and parsley, tumbi is first roasted in a pot and then placed in the oven.  This flavor, which is roasted in a pan and then baked, is also crowned with olive oil and then served.