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  • 48 hours

    in Çanakkale

    First Day

    Have your breakfast at Çanakkale Kordon accompanied by the Bosphorus view and then go for a walk along the coastline. When your walk is over, don't forget to take a souvenir photo with the Truva Horse on the beach.

    Go to the other side of the Dardanelles and visit Kilitbahir Castle. Since this side of the Dardanelles is a battleground during the World War I, many monuments and martyrdoms that tell about the Gallipoli Campaigns1 are on this side.

    After your visit to Kilitbahir Castle, first visit Seyit Onbaşı Monument in Eceabat and then visit Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center.

    Since Anzac Cove and 57th Regiment Martyrdom, which are frequently mentioned in the Çanakkale Epic Promotion Center, are only 5 kilometers away, visiting these places is a must before you return.

    For dinner and accommodation, head back to Çanakkale and taste local dishes such as sardines stuffed in vine leaves, bluefish pilaf, Gallipoli cheese halva.

    Second Day

    After breakfast, visit Troy Ancient City and Alexandria Troas Ruins respectively and witness the lived history in place.

    Take a lunch break at Babakale, where you can enjoy the view of the castle or swim in the sea if you wish.

    After a break in Babakale, go on a time travel in the Hellenistic Period by visiting the Apollon Smintheion Ruins. Ultimately, complete the puzzle of history by visiting Assos.