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  • smell


    Olive Flower Cologne

    This is a refreshing, lasting, high quality cologne prepared with inspiration from the heartwarming, authentic and stimulating effects of the olive tree and its flowers. Its scent gives the immortal and time-defying upright stance of the olive tree, and its health potion. It provides softness for up to 4 hours with the lotion effect it creates and leaves a permanent odor.


    The thyme from the Kaz Mountain is very dense and more effective because it grows in an oxygen rich environment. Thyme is used as remedy for a number of common health problems. Thyme, which is defined as an anticancer, is also used in fungal infections.

    Kaz Mountains Air

    When the forest air coming from Kaz Mountains (Kaz Dağları) and the iodized and oxygen-rich air of the sea are combined, the vicinity of Altınoluk Şahinderesi Strait is expressed as "oxygen tent".


    Salep is a powder obtained from the underground tubers of the orchid plant that blooms in different colors. These orchids, also known as "wild orchids", are also named as meadow grass or pine flower among the people.

    These wild orchid bulbs after washing, they are stringed and dried in the shade, it is then ground in the mill until it becomes powder. Afterwards, it is mixed with hot milk and sugar and cooked without sticking to the pot, then it is ready to drink.