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  • 10 vibes for Çanakkale

    like locals

    Since Çanakkale hosts the Dardanelles Strait, which provides the passage from the Aegean Sea to the Marmara Sea due to its geographical location, it has a very wide coastline. Start your day with a breakfast of Çanakkale-specific Ezine cheese and delicious olives accompanied by the sea view.

    Çanakkale shores have a vast sea view, the kind that you will be satisfied with blue. The fresh air coming from the Dardanelles will relax you. Don't forget to take a souvenir photo with the Truva Horse in Kordon.

    Çimenlik Castle and the Anatolian Hamidiye Bastion built by Abdulhamid II in 1892 played an important role in the defense of the Bosphorus.

    Kilitbahir Castle was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1452. It is located in the narrowest part of the Bosphorus, it played an important role in the defense of the Bosphorus due to it is opposite to the Çimenlik Castle.

    Çanakkale is the resting place for about 250,000 martyred soldiers. Every hill, every front, every soldier has a different heroic story. Visit the monuments and tombs that were built so that they will be remembered forever, and hear their epic stories.

    Troy Ancient City and Alexandria Troas Ruins have hosted many civilizations. Travel through time in these lands and witness unique finds.

    Bozcaada is a touristic island where you can taste local flavors such as scorpion fish soup, stuffed mussels, sardines stuffed in vine leaves, and taste wines. 

    Aquarium Bay is one of the most virgin bays of Bozcaada. It is possible to see the bottom of the sea over the water without sunglasses and snorkel. Ayazma Beach is another swimming area on the island with its golden color and fine sand, and its clear turquoise sea.

    Babakale is the farthest point of Asia, the world's largest continent, in terms of its geographical location. As in Cabo da Roca, one of the farthest points of Europe, you can get your free certificate from the neighborhood unit of Babakale.

    The Temple of Athena, located in the Assos, is one of the oldest Doric temples in Anatolia built in the Archaic Age. In addition to its magnifient view over the sea, the temple is a cultural synthesis of the two sides of the Aegean as it architecturally reflects both Dor/Greek and Ionian/Anatolian characteristics. A big portion of the theater with a capacity of 4,000 spectators, where plays such as tragedy and comedy were played in ancient times, has been preserved today.